Maleo Rin

Joined Trill Chief Security Officer, USS Vigilant


Y o3



Born a native to the Trill home-world, Maleo is in many ways just like every Trill child. They are raised from an earlier age with one thought in mind, “I will work my hardest, so I can be joined one day”. Maleo showed an aptitude for athletics at an early age, but later let those skills fade in place for more mental endeavors. Much of his upbringing was aimed towards refining a well rounded highly skilled potential host and as such became well versed in the history and culture of Trill society. But this was all academics. Maleo knew deep down that he needed something for himself and not to be living his entire life for a single goal that was expected of him. Maleo’s athletics, sports and gaming lead him to be fascinated with puzzles and mysteries. He viewed a complex mystery as the sport of the mind and he pursued all he could find from true crime to mystery fiction writing as his outlet. Though still on the potential host list, he decided that he needed to pursue a life for himself and this meant doing what he felt was right for him. He decided to join Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy

Maleo joined Starfleet Academy in 2368. The Academy was a bit of a culture shock for Maleo at first. Up until the Academy, he had lived his life on Trill with very little contact with those not of his kind. Feeling alien amongst aliens, he retreated to things for which he was familiar, mainly sports and reading. It was joining the Parrises Squares team at the Academy that final made Maleo feel apart of something and not alien. Though not the most athletic of the players, he was highly skilled at strategy and after being on the team for 3 years became the team Captain. His academic scores showed a high level of mental abilities an aptitude for problem solving and high attention for small details. Everything seemed to be on track for Graduation with a focus on Security, but something unexpected happened in 2373 that would change his life. The Borg attack earth.

The Joining

Starfleet had little time to prepare for the assault and used all the resources that had available included Starfleet cadets. Maleo was one of many senior cadets called upon to serve during this attack and was fortunate to be one of the survivors. He was stationed on the USS Tian An Men that was tasked with the sole purpose of damage control. They were to provide assistance to damaged vessels, transport injured or rescue those in danger. The USS Berlin was severely damaged by the Borg Cube and a warp-core breach was eminent, but attempts to transport the survivors to safety were prevented because a transporter lock could not be established due to a antiproton leak. The Captain asked for volunteers to transport over with pattern enhancers to rescue the survivors. Maleo was one of the first to step forward. 76 crewmen were rescued in that operation, later 22 succumbed to there injuries or exposures, only 54 survived. In the aftermath, a Joined Trill named Lanara laid dying and asked Maleo to take care of Rin. Maleo found the nearest doctor to try to save her, but it was too late for the host. With little options, the doctor, with Maleo’s permission, preformed the emergency implantation of the Trill symbiont into him and from this point Maleo would be Maleo Rin. The blending of Rin and Maleo was effortless and complete as though it was meant to be. This turn of events was reviewed by the Trill Symbiosis Commission and although they would of preferred the joining to be done the “proper way”, they concluded that Maleo acted appropriately in a dire situation and was a suitable candidate. It was speculated that the Commission did not want to appear in a bad light because Maleo was a hero in his own right in a devastating battle that cost many lives.

Starfleet Academy Graduation

Upon returning to the Academy, Maleo Rin was awarded the Starfleet Silver Palm for his actions in the battle. Starfleet decided from his actions, personality type and clear leadership abilities from being Captian of the Parrises Squares team, that he was perfect material for command level training. For the next 4 years, Maleo was trained for command with a specialization in security operations. Maleo Rin is a perfect example of someone on a fast track career. He graduated in 2377 with top scores. His posting had him sent to Starbase F-7.

Starbase F-7

Maleo Rin was posted to Starbase F-7 in 2377 with the rank of Ensign. Though Maleo Rin was not aware of it, he was posted at F-7 because the Security Chief on the station was close to retirement and Starfleet Brass felt this was a perfect opportunity to field train an upcoming officer as a replacement. Security Chief Vorik took a liking to Maleo Rin and taught him everything he knew about maintaining the security of a large station and catching criminals. At the retirement party for LTCDR Vorik, Maleo Rin was quoted as saying with regards to his mentor “In all my memories, there is no one that can compare to LTCDR Vorik in his ability to discover the truth in both catching a perp or conveying a bit of wisdom, and that is saying a great deal.” Upon the Chief’s retirement, Maleo was promoted from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant and made the Security Chief. All was going well in his career, the station was busy as ever and Maleo Rin never had a shortage of work, but he was superb at his job. His career was taking off, until Case #B83-GY4.

Case #B83-GY4

On July 23 2380, a body of a female Orion “Companion” was discovered on one of the recreational holodecks. The body was brutalized in ways not seen in civilized society. Maleo Rin headed the investigation. REDACTED. No official suspect named. Maleo Rin Reprimanded for violating orders and transferred to the USS Vigilant.

Transfer to USS Vigilant

Maleo Rin transferred to the USS Vigilant on Oct 16 2380 and made the Security Chief. Further reports pending.

Maleo Rin

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